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Michael T. Hurlock Ph.D. LMFT LPC NCC
9 Dunham Pond Road, Storrs, CT 06268
Phone: (860) 477-0497 Fax: (860) 477-0532
As a counselor and family therapist, I have been making a
difference in people's lives for more than 17 years --
helping adults, teenagers, children, couples, and families
overcome problems and achieve emotional freedom.  It is
well-documented that any successful therapeutic
relationship is based on trust. In fact, a client's trust in
their therapist is at the core of healing.  My ability to
quickly connect and develop a trusting relationship has
been a major factor in the success of my clients.
Years as a therapist:           20+

Family Therapy License #:  001179

Counseling License #:         000756

License State:                     Connecticut

Sliding Scale:                      Yes

Insurance Accepted:           Yes
  • Families experiencing seperation/divorce
  • Families experiencing blending/remarriage
  • Parenting issues
  • Enhancing positive couple communication
  • Enhancing marital satisfaction
  • Court mandated clients
  • Alcohol/Substance abuse
  • Anxiety issues
  • Depression
  • Anger Management
  • Trauma & PTSD
My areas of expertise include but are not limited to:
Previous Experience
Position                       Facility/Program                                  City, State             Dates

Family Therapist         AHM Youth and Family Services       Hebron, CT           06/08-07/09

Was one of two family therapists at a youth service bureau responsible for seeing individuals,
couples, and families for a multitude of issues.

Position                       Facility/Program                                  City, State             Dates

Counselor                    HEART Program                                 Storrs, CT             09/00-06/08

Was one of three counselors at the University of Connecticut's alcohol and substance abuse
education and intervention center. Counseled students that were self-referred and court-
mandated because of alcohol and substance use issues.

Position                       Facility/Program                                  City, State             Dates

Family Therapist         Humphrey Family Center                   Storrs, CT             09/00-06/03

Was one of a staff of family therapists at a university facility for the community responsible for
seeing individuals, couples, and families for a multitude of issues.

Additional experience:
  • Blue Ridge Center: an inpatient and outpatient facility for individuals with alcohol and
    substance addictions
  • Northeastern Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services: a nonprofit organization
    offering therapeutic treatment for individuals that have experienced a sexual assault
    and/or sexual abuse
  • Disabilities Network of Eastern Connecticut: a nonprofit organization offering peer
    counseling for individuals of all sorts of disabilities
Date         University                                  Field of Study                          Degree Awarded

1995         University of Connecticut        Psychology                                           B. A.

1998         University of Connecticut        Counseling Psychology                      M. A.

2000         University of Connecticut        Marital and Family Therapy                M. A.

2008         University of Connecticut        Marital and Family Therapy                Ph. D.
Michael T. Hurlock, Ph.D. LMFT LPC NCC
Family Therapist

9 Dunham Pond Road
Storrs, Connecticut 06268
phone (860) 477-0497
fax (860) 477-0532

"Listen or Your Tongue Will Make You Deaf"
-- Native American proverb